Motorhome Hire Carmarthenshire

The historic county of Carmarthenshire serves as a unitary authority in southwestern Wales and rests where the British Channel opens up to the Atlantic. The county is also known as Carmarthen and founded by the Romans. The county bends around Carmarthen Bay while the southern portion is usually rural.

Stone tools located in the Coygan Cave indicate human communities in the area over 40,000 years ago. Before the arrival of the Romans, the land of Carmarthenshire belonged to the Celtic kingdom of Demetae. These tribes resided around the counties of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. The Romans created two forts in South Wales. The fort and amphitheatre in Carmarthen date back to 75 AD making Carmarthen the oldest occupied town in Wales. During the High Middle Ages, Carmarthenshire formed part of the kingdom of Deheubarth. The Normans and Welsh lords often struggled over the county of Carmarthenshire, and numerous castles began to spring up during this time.

Carmarthenshire provides numerous outdoor activities, including the Millennium Coastal Park, National Wetlands Centre, a prime golf course plus the two harbour of Burry Port and Pembrey. Head further west, and you’ll come across the beaches of Llansteffan and Pendine. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour numerous standing stones, hillforts and medieval castles.

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