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Enjoy life on the road. Holiday in a motorhome and do away with hotel fees and endless unpacking, Discover new places, see new sites and taste new flavours. Drive through stunning scenery or quaint villages, going where the mood takes you. A motorhome has all the comforts of home yet home is a different place every night.

You'll experience a holiday like no other, off the beaten track or on it, the possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have A-Class Motorhomes to hire from locations all over the country. Have a look through the questions and answers and should you require further information, feel free to drop the owner or Camperbug a message.

  • Question:
    In Wales what is the final cost daily to hire a motorhome ?
    Published: 08/07/20 | 22:52
    A A-Class Motorhome called Sassy and for hire

    Your overall rental costs for a motorhome rental in Wales are controlled by a number of circumstances. The type of motorhome, the year of production, the span of the trip, the time of year, hired optional extras and so forth, form the final hire fee for the personal motorhome reservation. The hire fee add in the hire costs calculated per night hire indemnity along with all included add-ons if relevant for your booking. Book a low-cost motorhome on Camperbug for no more than £50 each night, or a budget-friendly £350 each week. Organise a motorhome rental with Camperbug’s economically priced yet premium motorhomes at £90 for every night.