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Savour the historical importance of the count of Hertfordshire in your Hertfordshire motorhome hire. Camperbug connects motorhome lenders with motorhome hirers in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Cheshunt and all other locations in the UK!

Located in southern England, the county of Hertfordshire or Herts as it is fondly known derives its name from the Anglo- Saxon words heort ford, which translates to deer crossing. The first human settlers in the area can be traced back to the Mesolithic period and became a permanent settlement during the Bronze Age. The Celtic tribe of Catuvellauni quickly adopted the lifestyle of the Roman leaders during the Roman conquest resulting in a growth of Roman towns like Verulamium. The Anglo-Saxons were quick to follow the departing Roman soldiers, and the county formed much of East Saxon by the end of the 6th century. The Saxon kingdom crumbled during the 9th century, and Hertfordshire Fell under the Kingdom of Mercia. Hertfordshire was declared an English shire in the 10th century. The town was in proximity to the mushrooming city of London; however, it was the rush of the Industrial Revolution that helped establish the county.

There are many fantastic places to see in the county of Hertfordshire in your Hertfordshire motorhome hire. Take a tour to the old city of Verulamium, established over 2,000 years ago which is now St Albans or steer your motorhome towards the charming town of Tring for sights of 19th-century architecture. See more attractions like Hatfield House in Hatfield in your motorhome hire. The stunning Jacobean house was Queen Elizabeth I’s favoured accommodations!

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