Motorhome Hire Scotland

If you are looking to hire a motorhome in Scotland, connect with our lovely private motorhome owners who are happy to include everything you need to have a great adventure on the road! Our motrohome models range from budget-friendly motorhomes to family accommodation and more! With owners in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Paisley and heaps of other locations, Camperbug is the best way to connect with the raw beauty of Scotland!
Scotland brims with breathtaking sceneries, a treasure trove of wildlife, deep history, and majestic islands making it the perfect motorhome escape for outdoor enthusiasts. Our motorhomes will help you take in the best of scenic routes while bringing wild open spaces, and the sheer beauty right to your doorstep. Explore remote beaches in the Outer Hebrides; enjoy a picnic by a glittering loch, drink in the views from a mountain pass, or take a ferry to the Isle of Skye for craggy landscapes and charming fishing villages. Breeze by hundreds of crumbling castles, find a secluded wild camping spot, savour fresh seafood and organic produce, follow the globe’s only malt whiskey trail or follow the North Coast 500. Return to the comforts of your motorhome hire Scotland, take a hot bath, and whip up a feast with delicious local greens and fresh beef or venison.


Tell Me More About Campervan Holidays

Enjoy life on the road. Holiday in a motorhome and do away with hotel fees and endless unpacking, Discover new places, see new sites and taste new flavours. Drive through stunning scenery or quaint villages, going where the mood takes you. A motorhome has all the comforts of home yet home is a different place every night.

You'll experience a holiday like no other, off the beaten track or on it, the possibilities are endless.