Motorhome Hire Flintshire

The county of Flintshire rests in north-eastern Wales and borders the English counties of Cheshire and Denbighshire to the east and west respectively while the Welsh county of Wrexham falls to the south of county Flintshire. The central portion of Flintshire County falls along the Dee Estuary. The county name comes from the former province of Flintshire which existed between the years 1536 - 1974. The county town and administrative centre is Mold.

The region was inhabited by the Celtic tribe of Deceangli, who was forced to surrender during the Roman Conquest of Britain. The area contains little evidence of Roman remains. Following the exit of the Romans, numerous minor kingdoms emerged. The county formed a portion of the Kingdom of Mercia during the 8th century AD. During the 12th and 13th centuries, the county turned into a battleground for prolonged clashes between the Welsh locals and the Anglo-Norman rulers.

Today the county is a blossoming holiday county and provides a wealth of castles, countryside, heritage, culture and food! Relax on the counties beautiful coasts, hike through luscious woodland and mountains or explore the countless pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes that cater to food enthusiast, and hungry travellers! Secure a Camperbug motorhome hire and discover Flintshire!

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