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The county of Shropshire is an administrative and historic county and is fondly known as Shrops or Salop. Surrounded by Wales, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire Shropshire is in the West Midlands. The county’s economy centres on the towns of Shrewsbury, Telford, Wellington, Madeley and, Dawley. The dividing of Mercia founded the county in the 10th century. The county traces its name back to the old English word Scrobbesbyrigsc?r which means Shrewburyshire. The Normans were unable to pronounce the name Scrobbesbyrigsc?r and shortened the name to Salopesberia. The region is rich in Early Bronze Age and Late Neolithic relics. The county’s location on the border with Wales shaped much of Shropshire’s history. The Anglo-Saxon invaders formed a boundary separating the kingdom of Mercia from Wales. Following the Norman Conquest in 1066, much of Shropshire was set aside as hunting grounds and forests. During the 8th century, the county was England’s largest iron manufacturer in England. Despite Shropshire’s industrial heritage, the county remains agricultural.

If you’re looking for great things to do during your Shropshire motorhome hire, let us help! For starters, enjoy a pint at Three Tuns Brewery! It’s the oldest, operational Brewery in England and first obtained a brewing license in 1642. View Offa’s Dyke to see the ancient boundary between England and Wales that served as a symbol of power for the Kingdom of Mercia. Drop in at Titterstone Clee Hill to see the eerie remains of human settlements dating back to the Bronze Age!

See these great locations and more in your Shropshire motorhome hire!

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