Motorhome Hire Wiltshire

Wiltshire, situated in the southwest region of England, is primarily a rural county. Its unique town is Swindon, while Salisbury, the only city in Wiltshire, is placed south-east of the county. Chippenham, Trowbridge, and Melksham make up the final 05 most significant towns in Wiltshire. Salisbury has a reputation for being perhaps the urbanest town in the county, yet holds noteworthy historical sites of international recognition. Take a walk through the stately Salisbury Cathedral or drop by Stonehenge, both located in Salisbury. Woodhenge and Silbury Hill, have archaeologists baffled as no one knows why these monuments were built. Longleat Hedge Maze offers visitors a chance to try their luck navigating through the longest maze in the world. After you’ve steered your way through the maze, take a safari ride through the Longleat Safari Park where a variety of exotic animals like cheetahs frolic outside our car and lethargic lions sprawl comfortably on the grass together. Camperbug has an abundant supply of motorhomes for rent in Wiltshire. Speak to owners today and get more information about your Wiltshire motorhome hire.

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