Motorhome Hire Glamorgan

The historic county of Glamorgan rests in southern Wales and stems from a former petty kingdom Glywysing. Glamorgan is the most populous and province in Wales and rests at the most southernmost point of the country. In the north, the terrain comprises of mostly barren mountainous moorland with thin river valleys cutting across the land. The southern portion of the county encircles the Vale of Glamorgan which stretches over to the Gower Peninsula. The province of Glamorgan is home to the historic cities of Cardiff and Swansea.

Human settlements in the area trace back to over 200,000 years with Palaeolithic remains discovered in the caves along the Gower Peninsula. The Silures roamed settled in the region until the Roman invaders arrived in 75 CE following which, the Romans erected the military station of Leucarum and cut roads across the land.

The county gets its name from the Welsh and English names from the King Morgan ab Athrwys, and Gwlad Morga means The Land of Morgan. The county fell under the invading forces of the Normans and Robert FitzHamon, Earl of Gloucester during the end of the 11th century. The Welsh nationalist caused much strife and county served as a battleground and the medieval period.

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