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Set in the Northern Isles of Scotland, the captivating Orkney Islands are 16 km north of Caithness and comprise of over 70 islands and inlets. Of this group of islands, only 20 are currently inhabited, and the largest island is Mainland, often called ‘the Mainland.’ To the north of the Mainland, you’ll find the islands of Shapinsay, Roussay, Egilsay, Westray with the furthest being North Ronaldsay. The unique of all the islands is Hoy which lies southwest of the Mainland. Hoy island is the second largest island after the Mainland and is known for the sea stack Old man of Hoy and contains Orkney’s highest peak, Ward Hill, which stands an impressive 1,570 feet. Be sure to check out the Dwarfie Stane megalithic chambered tomb which is the only rock-cut tomb tracing back to 3000BC! The island if Hoy is an outdoor heaven and bird sanctuary, containing vast moorlands, sea cliffs and a nature reserve.

Set on the Mainland, the county town Kirkwall houses an impressive cathedral constructed in 1137 by Viking, Earl Rognvald, honouring his uncle, St Magnus. Prehistoric remains including standing stones, monuments and mounds dot the Orkney Islands. The locals lay claim to Norwegian blood and have almost every right to considering King Harold I of Norway added the Orkney Islands to Scandinavia in 875. The islands continued to be a part of Norway until 468 when Christian I of Norway vowed to give the lands as security for his beloved daughter Margaret on her nuptials to James III of Scotland.

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