Motorhome Hire Swansea

The city and County of Swansea is the second largest city in Wales and stretches along the Bristol Channel. The county rests within the count borders of Glamorgan and is said to derive its name from the from the Old Norse word Sveinsey or Sveinn's island. Archaeological finds indicate that the human settlements on the island trace back to the Stone Age and the city is thought to gain initial prominence as a Viking trading hub. Soon the county flourished as an industrial centre and by the early 1700s, and the latter 1800s Swansea was the globes prime copper smelting region. By the late 1800s, the industry faced a severe decline, and none of the smelters is presently active.

Today Swansea serves as a prime shopping and service hub featuring over 250 shops and an attractive market crammed with an assortment of local treats! The waterfront city rests along the stunning Swansea Bay beach and is an excellent base for exploring the south-western portion of Wales. Drop in at Wales oldest art centre - Swansea museum which is said to be a ‘museum that belongs in a museum’ or head over to one of Swansea’s numerous gardens and parks. The city is a great place to savour local and international delicacies as well! Get a Swansea motorhome hire and get started on your journey!

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