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Tracey Harkness 2017-07-20 22:58:11

Campervan : Harvey

Amazing weekend!! Great fun taking van to Latitude with my children. Whole process from booking, collection to reluctant return was so simple. Would definitely recommend.
Elliott Murphy 2017-07-19 20:23:16

Campervan : Dolly

We rented Dolly for four days and what a fantastic time we had. We had a wonderful welcome from the owners of Dolly who showed us everything we would need to know about the campervan and there was even a diary of recommendations of where we should go around the country (campsites/pubs/attractions etc). The campervan itself is immaculate given its age and has such character! The interior is beautiful and it has everything you would need for a comfortable holiday. The owners had really thought about every detail you would need while on your trip and has even left us with some complimentary drinks which was a lovely surprise. We can\'t wait to rent Dolly again!!
Laurent Lokhorst 2017-07-19 15:51:24

Campervan : Blu

We had a wonderful trip in South-west England. Blu is a beautiful that provides all basic equipment for camping. It is advisable to do a trial run with the gear shift, but once you get used to it, Blu is alot of fun to drive. People were smiling at us and made compliments about our car the whole trip! Also Mark was very helpful and comminucation with him went easy. Thanks a lot! Paula and Laurent
Lee Elliston 2017-07-18 20:04:44

Campervan : Jemima Van

I hired Jemima for 1 week and we headed up the Suffolk and Norfolk coast for a week whilst attending Latitude Festival with our young children. Jemima was a great van that provided a great and reliable driving experience whilst being a family home that enabled us to enjoy the outdoors, explore and feel suitably cool, relaxed and the envy of other campers that weren\'t quite so happy as us. The service provided from pick up to drop off was painless and the inventory provided with the an hire provided us with everything that we needed, including the kitchen sink. Can say anything else other than thanks and we will be back to hire Jemima again. Lee
Matt Davey 2017-07-18 18:03:49

Campervan : bubble

We rented Bubble for a long weekend to go to Latitude. Bubble was the perfect campervan for us - very car like to drive, easy to park, pretty economical, well equipped, super convenient and stylish. Kevin, the owner, was great at explaining how things worked and answered the phone promptly when i forgot what he\'d told me whilst we were away. All the essentials were supplied and the Nespresso machine ensured we had a perfect cup of coffee whenever we wanted one. Great for two but would work just as well with two more (probably best suited to a family of four). My only recommendation for future campers would be to go for the awning as well as i think it would make the experience that bit more special.
David Farnsworth 2017-07-17 14:52:38

Campervan : Hedgey

I tried to add this to the site but it didn’t work so I am including in an email: ’This was our first time hiring through this site. Julia couldn’t have made it easier - great communication before the hire and then a clear and thorough induction. We are a family of four (children 11 and 8) and we all instantly bonded with Hedgey. She drove beautifully and such an attractive campervan, ouside and in. We had a super holiday driving round the Sussex countryside and would thoroughly recommend our experience.’ I also attach a photo of our son: ‘and instant bond with Hedgey’
Mike Stockwell 2017-07-17 12:28:45

Campervan : OliveSussex

Wonderful original campervan with oodles of character! Owner was very helpful and patient in explaining all its workings before send-off. We took Olive to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and had a blast (just camping, not competing!) Thoroughly recommended.
Bri Vos 2017-07-16 19:15:01

Campervan : Sylvie

We LOVED touring with Sylvie. She was everything we hoped for and had everything we needed in terms of amenities. From the super comfortable bedding to the treats in our fridge, Phil & Fran have really thought of pretty much everything you need for a wonderful holiday. We took her through the Scottish highlands and she was just the right pace for our trip. When we had a bit of trouble with her engine, Fran and Phil were very quick to respond and make sure everything was okay. I\'d highly recommend renting from them and if we are in the UK in the future, we\'d definitely give them a shout again! Thanks so much, Fran & Phil, for letting Sylvie be a big part of what made our holiday great!
Bashir Jardaneh 2017-07-15 18:30:29

Campervan : Olive1979

Hired Olive a 1979 campervan. Unfortunately this review is far from positive. After completing the transaction and paying the 1000 pound deposit we were told of the mechanical faults on this van including that thr synchromesh on 2nd gear was broken. Infact this became quite dangerous as every junction or roundabout as i tried to filyer i could not get 2nd gear and had to come to a complete stop to select 1st. List of issues. Van was incredibly dirty on the inside, thick grime every where, mould on the inside of the roof everywhere, plastics and dash thick with dirt. Petrol gauge not calibrated, would read 75/80% when full and a tank was suppose to last over 100 miles, found ourselves filling every 50 miles due to gauge malfunctioning. Steering wheel had excessive play, aprox 30 degrees movement before wheel would turn. Doors and windows had large gaps as thr seals were old and original. Owner prides himself that all parts are original despite being defective. We\'re staying in a midgi infested campsite the first night, perhaps thousands of then entered the van from these gaps in the doors as they were dead in the morning all around the doors and windows on the inside of van. Children were so bad my bitten that we had to pay for a hotel for the second night and could not stay in the van while in that area. Opened kitchen drawer to find the drawer holding the cutlery were filthy with dirt. Overall, near discracefull, owner should not be allowed to rent to the public. We have done back packing, motorhome , camping in the past without issue, I personally have a 1986 classic car, so I am use to old classis cars and idiosyncracies, however this campervan is not well maintained at all.
andrew Jones 2017-07-13 15:20:59

Campervan : Gypsy

We hired Gypsy to take us to and to look after us at Glastonbury,she didn\'t disappoint . Plenty of room inside ,2 big double beds,it was great to be able to take a hot shower and then eat a full English which was cooked on the gas hobs.,better still the fridge came in very useful for keeping the days beer supply cold, We really couldn\'t fault Gypsy ,cheers guys!!
William Riley 2017-07-13 14:06:35

Campervan : connie

Connie is in beautiful condition. She drew smiles like I\'ve never seen befofe from every corner of the road! She\'s a dream to drive, and absolutely made our trip to the West Dorset coast.
Taryn Devenish 2017-07-11 17:26:26

Campervan : RubyRed

Rubyred is a great camper to hire out I really recommend taking it out for a holiday. It doesn\'t have the acceleration of a normal car which is why you need to be prepared to drive a little slower than usual.
Issy Sharratt 2017-07-10 18:35:39

Campervan : ColinT2

We took Colin on a little road trip to Norfolk and had a fantastic time. The van was beautifully equipped and good fun to drive! Definitely would go back :)
Jonathan Barnes 2017-07-10 13:49:53

Campervan : Herman1987

We hired Herman1987 for the weekend and had a great time at the \'Malle Mile\'. Liz and Lucy were terrific - really friendly and helpful. Herman has everything one could need. We got a great night\'s sleep and a nice big outdoor fry up for breakfast. Perfect.
Andrew McRae 2017-07-10 09:27:53

Campervan : thunder betty

We rented thunder betty for 5 days and it was such a treat! We drove around the West Mainland of Orkney, taking in the sights and visiting the historic points of Orkney,eating well on the way and checking out the distilleries and breweries too (of course buying drinks for later!). Afterwards we took the ferry to Hoy which was beautiful and then and explored the East mainland; there was so much to do and see! It was tough to give up Betty when it was all over, it\'s very easy to get attached to a Campervan! Craig and his wife were very accommodating with pick up and drop off, and both camping and driving were very fun and comfortable with a bit of getting used to! We were pros by the end of the first day and had a great time camping about the island. All in all, a highly recommended experience.
Rhod Wilson 2017-07-10 08:05:10

Campervan : VWdaisy

I hired the van to be accommodation for a friends birthday party, and couldn\'t have had a better idea. The van itself was incredible - clearly an awful lot of time and money has gone into making what it is today, and it shows. I can\'t recommend it enough!
rix pyke 2017-07-09 23:16:15

Campervan : Mothertruck

I hired the Mothertruck for a 3 day break to Stonehenge. She drives like a dream. There\'s plenty of room for everyone\'s stuff and has a fire bowl and logs (which I replenished). It\'s big enough in the back for bikes, a canoe and all your luggage and tents. Sleeping up high is good for the kids and sitting round the table with the sliding door open, the evening sun shining in and a glass of cool wine from the FRIDGE!! what else could you wish for?
Caroline Turner 2017-07-09 19:29:40

Campervan : BlueRae

We loved our campervan weekend! BlueRae was so comfortable, we had everything we needed, and we would definitely hire from them again. Nothing negative to say, a great experience. We really enjoyed tootling around the countryside!
Taryn Devenish 2017-07-05 21:26:55

Campervan : RubyRed

Borrowing RubyRed for a day was great fun. Just be prepared to drive slowly and have the experience of lorries and coaches overtaking you. Great fun with friends to relax in the back if you manage to find yourself a driver. We drove around the lakes for the day. Doesn\'t matter whatever the weather, as if it rains at least you have somewhere roomy and comfortable to shelter :)
Patrick Doyle 2017-07-04 16:23:56

Campervan : mars

Steven was prompt and helpful from initial contact to the completion of our rental. The campervan was spotless and everything worked as it should. Collecting us from and leaving us back to the train station at Chesterfield was so helpful, as was the use of a booster seat for our 3 year-old. The van averaged 46mpg, which is way better than our family car. The transition from sleeping to road-ready set up was very straightforward, and whilst I\'m not denying that the great weather we had for the week helped, it was a great family holiday. I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend hiring Mars from Steven.
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