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Saint Cuthbert’s death in 687 A.D and the subsequent events following his death, lead to the prosperity of a monastery and the discovery of Dun Holm! Saint Cuthbert was well known for his excellent work as a priest. A few years after his burial in Lindisfarne, his followers (for unclear reasons) decided to examine his coffin and were astonished to discover his body untouched by decay. Cuthbert was thus declared a saint, and the news spread like wildfire, resulting in an influx of pilgrims' who bestowed pricey gifts to the monastery. The invading Vikings left the monks with little choice but to flee the monastery carrying the coffin of Saint Cuthbert and other valuables. A vision directed the monks to mark Dunholm as Saint Cuthbert’s final resting place. The monks had a worrying time locating Dun Holm until they overhead one milkmaid tell another that she was going to find her cow who had wandered towards Dun Holm. The monks joyfully proceed towards Dun Holm (derived from Anglo-Saxon. Dun meaning hill and Holm translating to an island).

Today Durham has progressed into a vibrant county with plenty to see and do. The province of Durham is in Northeast England, and its 05 most populated towns are Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, and Chester-le-Street. The Durham Cathedral, described as one of the most majestic in the UK, holds an exciting, historical exhibition spanning over 900 years. Durham castle is a great visit and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The museums of Archeology, The Living Museum of the North and the Oriental Museum are well worth a visit. The county also offers many scenic, walking and cycling tours. Filled with lively pubs and bars, restaurants and coffee shops, Durham is a great place to savour exquisite cuisine! Hire your motorhome from Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, Chester-le-Street or anywhere else in the county and get antiquated with Durham!

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